270 people helped in recent weeks

We have seen wonderful generosity in the run-up to Christmas!   This has enabled us to help 270 people in recent weeks.  Our amazing volunteers have worked extremely hard.

A big thank you to all those of you who faithfully and regularly donate both goods and money (supermarket orders have been frequent and large).  Whilst we want to acknowledge those who have made a special Christmas offering, we absolutely do not take your regular support for granted.

Particular thanks also go to those who have made special Christmas deliveries:

  • Vicky and Steve at The Yoga Shed, Wickham and all the stall holders at their Christmas Fayre
  • Cllrs Vivian and Sudhakar Achwal and the Whiteley schools and shops from which they collected
  • Whiteley Pre-School (main photo above)
  • Park Gate Estate Agents
  • Swanmore Women’s Interest Group
  • 365 Fitness, Bishop’s Waltham
  • Margaret Bain and the Whiteley hamper-creators

We wish all our clients and supporters a very Happy Christmas and God’s peace with them in 2024