Thank you for helping 133 families this Christmas

December was the most incredible month.  Every day that we were open fantastic food donations arrived briefly filling our shelves.  Why briefly you ask?

Because of your support, during December, we were able to help 76 families plus a further 57 families whose children receive free school meals.  We have never experienced such a demand.  This was 3 or 4 times greater than we have ever seen before.  As quickly as food came in it went out again.   

It was only through you that we were able to go on helping those who were really in need.

So who is the You?  Schools, churches, clubs and societies (from golf clubs to the Cubs), hairdressers and local stores, companies and so many individuals who have shared some of their Christmas with us.  Not only have we been given food but also cash which is helpful as we often have to buy in extra food to restock.

In particular though we would like to thank the Bishop Waltham Rotary Club for their provision of a car and driver every week.  Without them we could not deliver to so many of our clients who either do not have transport or for health reasons cannot leave their homes.

Thank you again from all of us at the food bank and indirectly from everyone who has had a better Christmas because of you.