Supporting the food bank as a trustee

The Meon Valley Food Bank is currently run entirely by volunteers.  It is open for 2 days per week, with a short Christmas break, and operates out of the Wickham Community Centre, PO17 5AL.  On Monday, from 9.30-12.00, food is collected/delivered to us, marked for expiry-date, and stored appropriately. On Tuesdays, from 9.30-12.00 and 12.00-2.00pm, clients either collect in person or have their food delivered to them.  Our catchment extends from Colden Common to Whiteley, and from Droxford and E and W Meon to Knowle.

It was founded in 2015 with a vision to reflect the love and grace of Jesus by supporting people in our local community who, for whatever reason, were struggling to get by. That remains our driving principle. Demand for our support has risen exponentially in the last two years.

We distribute a generous mix of dried and tinned goods which are sufficient to support one person (adult or child) for an entire week. Clients are, largely, referred to us by a wide network of agencies. We try and walk a line between meeting need without judgement and not encouraging dependency upon our provision.  Many clients have used us for a time and then ceased to need our support.

We are looking to expand the professional base amongst the trustees.  After a period of consolidation, following the disruption of Covid, our move to the Wickham Community Centre and Mike Salter’s retirement as Chair, we are looking for individuals who will strengthen and broaden our impact as a charity. 

We particularly seek people with financial expertise; strong IT skills; HR or team-management experience; and those who may have worked in the charity sector or in social services.

We expect to appoint a Food Bank Manager in the immediate future and to ensure appropriate administrative support for that person, either in a voluntary or a paid capacity. With over 150 clients typically per month and the need to buy additional food from supermarkets, a 25-strong volunteer base and all that you would expect regarding attention to best-practice and good governance, it is no longer fair to ask for all those hours of work to be given voluntarily. 

Expectations of trustees

The trustees expect to meet up to six times a year.
We are committed to maintaining the Christian ethos of the charity and are also advocates for the work of the Foodbank in the community.
We think it would be hard to work as a trustee without regular monthly engagement with at least one of our operational sessions in the week. This will require you to be available either for a morning session or between 12 and 2 pm on a Tuesday afternoon. Clearly, this may need to be a matter for discussion and whilst we don’t want to prevent applications from people with the skills we need, we are a hands-on operation that needs to be engaged with to be properly understood.

We will be delighted to welcome potential applicants to the Wickham Centre on either a Monday or a Tuesday and current trustees look forward to meeting you as you consider whether to apply.  In the first instance, please send an expression of interest to

To apply
Please email with a word document stating:

Your name
Your address
Your email address
Your mobile number

Please also give us a summary of your professional experience and the particular skills which that enables you to bring to the food bank.  We recognise that not everyone is paid for the job(s) that they do!

We would also appreciate understanding your availability in a normal week/month and any constraints on your time, particularly with regard to our operational days.

Ultimately, we may seek the contact details of 2 people to act as referees on your behalf.